Furniture Care & Maintenance

We want your piece of furniture to stay clean and fresh as much as you do, so here’s some simple ways to do just that!

Firstly, every piece of furniture we sell comes with a care package that includes, Osmo Cleaner, Osmo Wax Cleaner, a micro fibre cloth & some felt pads.

EVERY DAY USE: The Osmo Cleaner is for every day use (or whenever you would have a wipe down of your table) it prevents the hard wax oil finish on your piece from being tarnished unlike some general antibac sprays that aren’t so gentle. If you’ve run out of the cleaner you can simply use warm soapy water. It’s also available to buy online.

EVERY 2 - 3 MONTHS: The Osmo Wax Cleaner maintains the hard wax oil finish on your piece. It has a wax content in it and if the inevitable happens, a little scratch, smug or stain, this is the guy you’ll need! It’s super easy to use, just spray it on, buff it in with the microfibre cloth & it’ll take five minutes to dry!

PREVENTION: If you can, we would recommend the use of coasters and placemats. We know what its like though and that’s why we’ve chosen Osmo, its durable and easy to maintain. If a wet mug is left on your table for up to 24 hours it won’t leave a mark. We also provide you with felt pads, so if you’re using for example a laptop or fruit bowl, you can pop them on the bottom to prevent any scratches if they slide.

COMMON SENCE: I think this one is perhaps unnecessary to mention but just incase, no hot pans and no chopping directly on the resin or wood.

So that’s it, a few easy steps to keep your ROOSO piece looking and feeling it’s best!!

Solo Marsh