Our Story

We're a Husband & Wife team that work from home, in our family workshop in Devon. 

We created ROOSO at the beginning of 2017. Both our jobs had changed and we found ourselves with more time, working from home had always been a future goal but when the opportinity opened up we thought we should to seize it! As of August 2018 Reuben has taken on ROOSO full time. 

          Reuben Marsh

I'm a qualified joiner with a great passion for wood and creating bespoke furniture & homeware. Showing off natures vast array of beautiful woods in the best way is always forefront in my creative proccess of a piece. 

                Solo Marsh

I LOVE interior design, I love perfecting current projects and finding new things to create! Our house is always changing, whether it's just a new plant pot or a whole new colour scheme! Poor Reu has no idea what he's coming home to! 
I handle the paperwork/booking events side of things and all the smaller homewares.



I think you'd agree that untouched, the world is a pretty beautiful place. We want to keep it that way. All our packaging is recyclable or reusable, we protect our products through the delivery process using unbleached & non dyed tissue paper, EcoNutz, card or OSB (OSB board is usually made with resins that contain less formaldehyde than plywood, MDF and particleboard) boxes & Kraft paper parcel tape.