Rooso Designs are great at helping you realise your vision during the design phase. The craftsmanship is absolutely top notch too. I’ve had people travelling from all over just to see my new Table. I can’t recommend Rooso Designs highly enough. 5 Stars all day long.
— Russel Nolan, May 2019
Utterly gobsmacked. I ❤️❤️❤️it! You are so clever.
What a special piece. The fact that my mother died 10 years ago and then seeing Sylvia in the name, almost in her handwriting made me cry.
Can’t wait to get it put up and working.
So so happy.
Thank you.
— Nita Owers, February 2019
It was the late 1930’s in Seaton. There lived a young boy. Each school day he would walk the short distance to his primary school. Opposite the school gates was a house with the most wonderful tree. The young boy would often climb on the wall and look through the branches of the tree that covered the house. He would look at the house and the garden and say to himself, “One day I’m going to live here.”

Time passed and the young boy, now in his forties, had a family of his own. He would often pass the house and look at the tree, which was still in the garden. Then one day the house was for sale. The man bought the house that he had dreamed of living in when he was a young boy.

Unfortunately on moving into the house the tree was in a poor state and showed signs of disease with a heavy heart he had to have it felled. The wood from the tree was stored for many years until he had a traditional dining table made.
Left behind the garage were three unused planks.

The man then became ill and in 2005 he died in the home that he loved.

Thank you so much for making our lovely table. That man was my father and the beautiful Yew wood in our table is from the three left over planks.
— Anonymous, January 2019
“Wow!” was our first and only thought when we first saw Rooso’s ‘river-desk’ on their stand at the Devon Home Show back in April.

We’d never seen anything quite like it, and were struck not only by the originality of the design, but also by the amazing workmanship and attention to detail. Chatting to Reuben and Solo about the desk and their other beautiful pieces on the stand, we didn’t take long to decide that a river-desk would be the perfect centrepiece of the spare room we planned to convert into a study / studio, and that we’d thoroughly enjoy working with two such skilled, enthusiastic and creative people.

Getting to the point where we were finally ready to go ahead took a while longer, but we were soon into the the exciting stage of discussing the details of the design, functionality and look of the desk, culminating in a visit to Reuben’s workshop to select the timber - some wonderful planks of yew, with great detailing and a suitably wany edge to form the river-banks.

We then went back to working on our house, while Reuben crafted the desk, which he and Solo then delivered to us last week. The first impression when it was placed in the new study was every bit as dramatic as that moment 7 months earlier at the Devon Show. More so in fact, as we had opted for Rooso’s idea to have the ‘river’ run not just across the surface of the desk, but also to cascade down one side, which adds even more to the drama and uniqueness of the piece.

Closer inspection revealed further little gems of detail and craftsmanship, from the little ‘pools’ of resin filing in the larger knot-holes, to the silky smooth running of the soft-close drawers, and even the thoughtful concealing of strengthening brackets beneath the desk-top behind neatly cut-in matching resin patches.

In short, it is simply all so beautifully conceived, designed and made, that this is a piece of furniture we can already see will outlive us both, and be handed down through the family for generations to come.

Our huge thanks to Reuben and Solo, not only for the desk itself, but also for the great pleasure we’ve had in the whole process right from that first meeting, working with them both through the design phase and up to final installation. This won’t be the last Rooso piece in our family, for sure.

And the desk still provides that ‘Wow moment’ every single time we go into the room.
— Andrew & Sue Perrin, November 2018
ROOSO Designs were a delight to work with. They understood our project and took us on the journey from start to finish with regular video updates. This bought the project alive for us and the quality craftsmanship of the finishes table has firmly established a WOW factor in our home, prompting many comments of admiration.
Great communication throughout and we wouldn’t hesitate in recommending a ROOSO Design for your home.
— Julie Warwick, November 2018
Extremely pleased with my recent purchase, very helpful and professional. I definitely recommend and will use again for sure!
— Will Hammond, October 2018
We received a wonderful Purple Heart chopping board from ROOSO Designs. I love it so much! It’s such a great natural colour and the detail that went into it is second to none! Looking forward to our next purchase!
— Rob & Sophia Kingdon, October 2018
When we moved into our new house in Colyton, Devon, we needed to buy wardrobes for our two main bedrooms and decided to opt for a bespoke design. We found a local company, ROOSO Designs and after making enquiries about them decided we would be happy for them to thandle the task. I have to say we definitely made the right choice. the work was done to a very high standard and the fineshed design was exactly what we ad requested. the fitting of them was exceptional as the entry to the bedrooms was very awkward although they made no problem of it at all. We would have no problem in recommending this company to anybody that requires a high standard of workmanship.
— Richard & Jill Hartell-Smith, April 2018
Absolutely delighted with my purchase from ROOSO Designs. Loving my bespoke Ash coffee table, great finish, its had lots of admiring comments. The attention to detail and high quality finish makes this a company I would highly recommend to others. Whether a small purchase or something a bit more special its going to be something you’re sure to enjoy for years to come.
— Trish, January 2018
ROOSO are an amazing local company producing top quality goods. I have now bought a number of personalised items and now would not look anywhere else. Solo is very talented and will always go that extra mile to give you exactly what you want, even if you didn’t know what you exactly wanted!
— Katie Clements, November 2017
Love my chopping board! Its sturdy and stands up well under use, its also such a lovely piece of wood that i can use to serve at the table. Very pleased with my purchase
— Heidi Gent, June 2017
Absolutely amazing copper and wood lamp in a kind of steampunk style which i love! Everyone who comes to my house wants it! So pleased with my purchase, thank you ROOSO Designs!!
— Amy Gent, June 2017